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Creating our ‘Wowsers’ programme 2024

By Sophie Ellingham. One of our engagement assistants details how the WOWser program came to life this year.

May 30 2024


WOWsers The Big Picture - Safety in Numbers... And Art!

Youth clubs in Rotherham explore and create art on the theme of safety as part of WOWsers project.

May 13 2024


The Art Explora Mobile Museum visits Rotherham!

Find out about the Art Explora Mobile Museum's visit to Maltby in April!

April 26 2024


Behind the Scenes at Signals 2023

Go behind the scenes of Signals 2023 with Music Maker, Esther!

February 1 2024


Children's Capital of Culture 2023 Highlights

We've rounded up the team's highlights of 2023!

December 28 2023


Making Children's Capital of Culture: Being a trainee producer

What does being a trainee producer involve? Dr Becky Parry takes a look at the traineeship process and experience at CCoC.

December 21 2023


Accessible and inclusive: Informal approaches to recruiting young people

Dr Becky Parry, an independent creative education and arts evaluation specialist, has written a guest blog.

November 23 2023


Wentworth Woodhouse Trip

Our Young Journalist in Residence, Mallika Ahmed, shares her experience of her trip to Wentworth Woodhouse and young people's views on Rotherham.

November 2 2023


Arts Award: Friendliness First

Dr Becky Parry, an independent creative education and arts evaluation specialist, shares the moment when young people in Rotherham celebrated achieving their Bronze Arts Award, back in January. 

September 12 2023


Doing What You Love

Digital content creator Tom Marshall gives an insider's perspective on running one of our traineeship programmes.

August 28 2023


Starting Out With a Bang!

Young Journalist in Residence Mallika Ahmed shares her experience of January 2023's manifesto launch event at Gulliver's Valley.

August 11 2023


Creating the WOWsers Programme 

WOW Festival is a joyous annual celebration of women, girls, and trans and non-binary people. A big part of 2023's WOW Festival was the WOWsers programme: youth-led activity showcasing young Rotherham talent. Read our guest blog from WOWser Sophie Ellingham to find out more!

July 26 2023


Meet Our New Trainees

Find out about 14 young superstars making amazing things happen in their hometown.

June 5 2023